Chez nous, we are sporty !

The Val de Sioule is a formidable natural playground. Whether you are a Sunday athlete, or more hardened, young or old, you will definitely find something to spend your energy.

The Val de Sioule, it is 800 km of marked paths ands trail for hiking, running and mountain biking. Canoe and rafting are waiting for you on the 45 km navigable Sioule river. Do not forget about accrobranche, tennis, horseback riding, ULM and parameter. archery, swimming, golf, microlight and paramotor…

Why not trying a more unusual activity ?

Vélorail, dis golf, water skiing or even paddle are also available in Val de Sioule !

Walk, ride, run, climb, navigate, contemplate, breath fresh air : mix everything and you get the perfect energetic cocktail for active holidays !